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10 Fitness Hacks for Mom


http://www.yourmodernfamily.com/fitness-hacks/They say ‘Take care of yourself to take care of your kids’, but honestly- that’s harder than it sounds, so these 10 Fitness Hacks for Mom should help.   You can be healthy and workout with quick bursts at home or at the gym or even work out while you are sitting down… whatever it is, just get started!

I guess it should be easy, but when I see that we have four apples left, the four kids will get them over me (because I want them to be healthy). You get the idea.  I think that it is just human nature to put those you love ahead of yourself. I know that when we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our family as well as we should, so here are a few things that I am doing to help myself, so that I can be the best that I can for my family.

TIP: If your kids are old enough, you can have them work out with you! Teach them by showing them how important taking care of yourself is… and how great you feel afterwards!

1- Listen to an audio book while you work out. I love to work out to YouTube Workout Videos and to workout to DVDs, but I can’t watch TV if I am trying to watch my instructions. An audio book is an easy answer- I never get bored listening to them!

2- Get a new work-out outfit! Seriously- I am just not as motivated in a baggy t-shirt and sweats as I am when I have on my yoga pants and a work out top. Exercising is a LOT about what your mind is telling yourself- so get motivated to work out.

3- Take Viactiv chews. It’s an easy way to squeeze in extra calcium. I take these twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I’m not going to say that it doesn’t taste like candy, because well… it does. My grandma used to eat these when she was alive. I remember her grabbing one with breakfast and another with her lunch. Did you know that 70% of adult women are calcium deficient; that number jumps to around 85% for teen girls? While calcium from food sources is important, Viactiv is easy and the soft chews are so delicious (in milk chocolate, caramel and sugar-free milk chocolate varieties, as well as gummies).  Viactiv is the #1 doctor-recommended calcium supplement chew. You just feel better knowing that you are taking care of your bones!

4. It takes 21 days to make a habit. Make a 21 day eating and fitness schedule. Download an app like the loseit app or the FitnessPal app and stick to your plan for 21 days. You can do this!

5. Eat healthy through the week. Ok- this is totally cheating, but my mom’s friend used to do this and it is a great little way to get started! Eat really healthy through the week and on the weekends, let yourself have a few treats. Get the ice cream that you didn’t have through the week or bake the cookies that you didn’t bake on Monday. Don’t overdo it, but know that you can eat healthy for five days and get a little “time off” for two days. Do it again on Monday.

6. Run during commercials. My friend Julia and I used to go to the gym and turn on Oprah. We would run on the treadmills during the commercials and walk (quickly) during the show. This was an easy way to build up to running more. Eventually, we were running during the show and walking during the commercials.

7. Lay out your workout clothes and get dressed down to your shoes in the morning. If I wake up and have my whole work-out outfit picked out, it is easy to just throw it on and be ready to go. No excuses.

8. Find a gym with childcare. Our kids love the childcare at my gym. They love the ‘teacher’ that works there and they just have fun. I have quit several gyms because the child-care was not up to par, but when you find one that the kids like, you will stick to it. It makes it so much better when the kids are asking YOU to go to the gym today!

9. Add friends to your fitness app! I have several friends on my fitness app because we hold each other accountable. I just added my husband and my aunt tonight… now the hard part will be hearing my husband ask me why I ate ice cream in place of lunch today? haha! “Don’t do it, Becky… pick the apple!”

10. Drink water! I already told you to be sure to take your Viactiv every day, but you need to also be sure to drink water. It is equally as important! The trainer at my gym drinks a gallon a day and I decided to try it. I went out and bought 7 gallons of water, just like I did when I was pregnant, to last me one week. I drank one a day. Let me tell you that I was NOT hungry and did not want my diet coke (Yes, this is another huge temptation for me). They tell you that water will help… but I’m telling you that THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!

Ok- now it is your turn to get out there and #BeActiv (ps- you can upload a photo of yourself onto FB, Twitter or Instagram, working on your fitness goals with the hashtag BeActiv)


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