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A Woman Alive? Yes. Because it is my purpose to teach, coach and guide others into a life where they are energized and FEELING ALIVE! Through our YOGA INSTRUCTION, WORKSHOPS & COACHING OPPORTUNITIES our goal is to help you create the work and life you love. Diane’s goal for every session, every workshop and every conversation is for her clients and students to achieve, and realize, results that create the changes they desire in their work and in their lives. Life Coaching or Business Coaching: ****Schedule a complimentary session here and let’s talk.**** http://awomanalive.com/complimentary-exploratory-session/ ****Take the "What are Your Energy Zappers?"​ and discover how you can conquer TIME MANAGEMENT, Be MORE PRODUCTION and DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE SPARK!**** http://bit.ly.com/zappersquiz One-to-one Life Coaching or Business Coaching clients include: • Women in transition • Small Business owners and Start-ups (including not for profit) • Business Leaders and Executives • Individuals feeling stuck, unmotivated and desiring more Workshops/Keynotes: • Head Start Programs, Pre-Schools, Elementary and High Schools • Schools and Therapeutic Centers for Children with Special Needs • Small Businesses • Corporations • Online Webinars Corporate Wellness & Leadership Programs: • Yoga Classes at your site • Discover Your Body Within: A Ten Week Yoga Experience for Weight Loss, Increased Flexibility and Mobility, Healing and Self Discovery • Meditation • Off-site Adventure Challenges to build teams and cultivate leadership Sensory YogaPlay: • A Therapeutic Practice for Children with Special Needs. • Workshops for Parents, Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Pre-School Teachers. • LEARN MORE: bit.ly/awayogaworkshops for available workshops. Yoga Instruction: • Private sessions with a focus on creating flexibility, increased mobility, a calm mind, and graceful aging • Group Classes - Click this link to view my calendar http://awomanalive.com/calendar/

Altering the Course of Stress for the Special Needs Child

Altering the Course of Stress for the Special Needs Child Diane L MacDonald, M. Ed., NLP CP, RYT 200 Founder and Creator of Sensory YogaPlay We talk often about stress in adults but we forget that childhood can be stressful too. Many children, particularly those with special needs, suffer with …

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