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How to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life

In the very first of Guardian Familys Ways to series, we look at methods to keep things amazing in the bedroom (or at your partners workplace) 1 Accept that having sex with the exact same person for the rest of your life unless its yourself (see later) is difficult and, …

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7 Problems Every Couple Inevitably Faces, According To Therapists

When a relationship is brand new, loving your partner comes easy. You’re still hyper curious about each other and growing as a couple every day. But eventually, you’re bound to encounter some roadblocks that will test your love.  Below, marriage therapists share seven major challenges every couple faces and how to …

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Do You Suffer from Post-Coital Dysphoria or ‘Post-Sex Blues’?

If you’ve experienced depression after intercourse, you aren’t alone. One would assume that following great sex, we’re all left feeling spent, relaxed, rested and satiated. On the contrary, some of us feel great distress, want to curl up in a ball and cry for no apparent reason. Because there’s very …

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Mom Guilt

  I don’t think there is a parent alive who doesn’t experience guilt almost daily. From the time I became pregnant, I felt it. Guilt about what I ate or didn’t eat. Guilt about the fact that I was completely terrified. Guilt about the fact that sometimes I wanted to …

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Toxic Grandparents – What to Do and How to Move Forward

      An interview with Amy Goyer To say my father had a rocky relationship with his parents would be a huge understatement. There were constant arguments, followed by silent treatments, and even emotional abuse. My grandparents had a hard time seeing my father grow-up and have a family …

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I Have the Perfect Body

  It may not have been your first thought when you looked at this picture of me at 39 weeks and two days pregnant, playing with my children in our backyard. But it’s true. It was a hot Saturday. The boys were splashing around in the pool, and on a …

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