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Working Parents

A Big Babysitter Biz

  This mother of three figured out a way to make better connections between parents and sitters—then translated her idea into a 60-city multimillion-dollar company. Lynn Perkins is CEO and founder of UrbanSitter.com, San Francisco, CA. Her initial investment: 9 months no-pay work, then $1.75 million in funding. She’s the …

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3 Work Life Balance Lessons I Learned from Men

  For many career-loving parents, the holidays come as a welcome reprieve: a chance to enjoy a few slow weeks at work, unwind with the kiddos and stuff their faces full of seasonal treats. Many parents look forward to the holidays. But not me. And it’s not because I don’t …

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Is Freelancing the Right Career Choice for You?

      Freelancer tips for working moms Over the past few years, freelancing has become a popular career option for many working moms. With its increase in popularity and more working moms finding flexibility through freelancing, many others are exploring the idea of taking up a freelance gig or …

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10 Cool Flexible Jobs

  Even though you’d love to work from home, you just know that there’s absolutely, positively no way that your career could ever lend itself to being something you could do remotely. Think again. Many former office jobs are now becoming much more telecommuting friendly. So if you’re looking to …

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