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Healthy Breakfast Choices During Pregnancy

  Whether you wake up nauseous or ravenous, eating a healthy breakfast is super-important when you’re pregnant. These easy, mostly assembly-only breakfast options are full of essential nutrients that will keep you healthy and promote your baby’s growth — and get your day started right.     Green smoothie made …

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New DNA Test Highly Accurate In Detecting Down Syndrome

  In a study of nearly 16,000 pregnancies, researchers found that a prenatal blood test called Harmony is far more accurate than standard screening methods at detecting Down syndrome. (Thinkstock) A new prenatal blood test that’s becoming increasingly popular is extremely accurate in detecting Down syndrome very early in a …

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I Have the Perfect Body

  It may not have been your first thought when you looked at this picture of me at 39 weeks and two days pregnant, playing with my children in our backyard. But it’s true. It was a hot Saturday. The boys were splashing around in the pool, and on a …

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Can Morning Sickness Actually Help Your Baby?

  Suffering through morning sickness might take its toll on you, but it could have a silver lining for your baby. Up to 85 percent of pregnant women feel queasy during their first trimester. Morning sickness can be brutal on your body and on your morale, but a study published …

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How to Handle the Unexpected When Giving Birth

    Before I had my first baby, I knew exactly how my labor and delivery would go. I wouldn’t use drugs, I’d remember my breathing techniques and my husband, Tony, would be by my side, cutting the cord and presenting me with an adorable cherub. My exhausting and painful …

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