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How to Keep Bananas Fresh



As a mom of five kids who happen to LOVE fruit, it can be hard to gauge how much the kids will eat for snacks when their appetites seem different every week. Some weeks the fruit bowl is empty 2 days after I go grocery shopping, other weeks the basket is full of overly-ripe fruit at the end of the week. Oftentimes I will buy green bananas from the store just to give us a little more time before they turn brown and mushy. But somewhere along the way, the ripening process takes place and I’m usually left with a bunch of bananas, too ripe to eat but not ripe enough to use in banana bread! In an effort to save my bananas from the trash can, I tried an experiment on how to keep bananas fresh… and it WORKS!
All you have to do is separate each banana from the bunch and wrap each stem in plastic cling wrap. Simple enough, right?

Wrapping your bananas in cling wrap will help slow the ripening process and keep your bananas fresh for 3-4 days longer than if you don’t wrap them. I am not just making this stuff up, here is the science behind it:

Bananas, like many fruits, naturally release the gases that control browning and ripening. Much of the gasses escape from the stems, or the crowns, so by wrapping the crowns, you are able to slow down the ripening process a bit.

Paraphrased from an article found on LifeHacker

Give it a try- does it work for you?

This post is in support of Glad. For this experiment, I use Glad Cling Wrap around my bananas. Cling Wrap is a staple in my kitchen- I use it to cover leftovers, I use it to keep food safe from bugs on a picnic, and I even use it for steaming frozen veggies in the microwave. I was compensated to write this post, but as usual, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and I only partner with brands and products I love! Thanks for supporting our sponsors so we can continue to provide fresh content to Somewhat Simple.

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