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How to make a purse out of construction paper


http://www.yourmodernfamily.com/make-a-purse-out-of-construction-paper-playon/I am so excited to be a part of this sponsored campaign for #playon with BAND-AID® and NEOSPORIN® through The Motherhood, because play is pretty much of life right now (with four kids ages 8 & under).

Did you know that kids who play do better in school.  Kids who play develop the skills that are linked to learning.  Play improves attention, attitudes, creativity, imagination, memory and so much more!    Did you know that kids who have more than 15 minutes of recess time, per day, behave better in class, too?   The worst part is that recess is being removed from schools as a result of academic testing!

We need to encourage play! I love to take time to play with our kids.  We make things, we play dress up, we go outside and ride bikes.   Play is important.  I am a play therapist and I see the power of play every day.



To make the purse, first fold in the corners:



Next fold it in half:

Staple the sides together:

Add on a little handle (I just stapled it on the inside of the one side to the inside of the other side)


Let your child decorate it with stickers or marker and fill it with some things that remind them of being a grown-up and things that they can play with (like BAND-AID® and sunglasses and even spare keys that you don’t use anymore):

I fill my own purse with these things things, so I wasn’t surpirsed that she wanted them in hers.  I let her carry around the NEOSPORIN® box, but I kept the tube of NEOSPORIN® in my purse.


Via yourmodernfamily.com

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