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Is Freelancing the Right Career Choice for You?




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Over the past few years, freelancing has become a popular career option for many working moms. With its increase in popularity and more working moms finding flexibility through freelancing, many others are exploring the idea of taking up a freelance gig or two. But before you jump in headfirst, there are a few things to consider about the realities of the freelancing world. Consider these eight questions to see if freelancing is the right career choice for you.

Do you like to work independently?

Freelancers often work alone and independently, making their own work and project decisions. Unless they seek out specific contracts or decide to utilize a coworking space, freelancers tend to do the majority of their work on their own.

Would you rather choose your projects or have them assigned to you?

In an employee-based role, projects are often assigned to those who are available. In the freelance world, your projects are your choice, providing ultimate control over your workload and earning potential. Since you will be looking for clients to offer your services, you can easily decide what works best for you.

Are you business-minded?

As a freelancer, you are considered self-employed. To be a successful freelancer, it is important to be organized and able to handle business tasks such as taxes, contracts, negotiations, and billing.

Do you have a particular expertise that others can benefit from?

When looking to freelance, an important consideration is whether you have a service you can market to others. Do some research on the demand of your particular service, and consider reaching out to other freelancers to get an idea of what the market holds for your area of expertise.

Can you build a strong network?

All of a freelancer’s income comes from their client base. When first starting out, it is common for things to move slowly, but having a network can help speed up the process. Word of mouth and strong, valuable connections can help you build relationships with clients and keep them utilizing your services on a repeat basis.

Do you know the most common career fields for freelancers?

Understanding the freelance market is one of the biggest keys to freelance success. While popular freelance jobs can be found in nearly every industry, there are some fields that are more popular. These include writing, editing, data entry, proofreading, administrative, computer & IT, education & training, project management, research, consulting, and marketing.

Are you self-disciplined?

Along the lines of working independently, being self-disciplined is an important aspect of being a freelancer. After all, you won’t have a supervisor to remind you of deadlines or unfinished tasks. Remembering your responsibilities and ensuring timely delivery is what will help build your brand and keep your clients happy.

Have you considered benefits?

Moving from an employee position to a freelance role changes more than just the way work gets done. In addition to running a small home business, freelancers are responsible for sourcing their personal health and retirement benefits, as many freelance jobs don’t offer them.

While being a freelancer is quite different than being an employee, the rewards can easily be worth it. If you do the research, work to build your client base, and use freelancing tools to help manage the business processes, working moms can find a great deal of freedom, time, and success.


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