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Massive sexting scandal at Kings Park High School leads to dozens of students suspended, some arrested

Kristin Thorne reports live from Kings Park.

(WABC) — Andrew Fenton’s son is one of dozens of students in the Kings Park Central School District on Long Island who are now suspended for this week for allegedly texting or even viewing a video of another student in a sexually explicit video.Fenton told Eyewitness News that kids were pulled into the principal’s office at Kings Park High last Friday, and 20 parents had a meeting with the principal on Monday morning.

Two students have officially been arrested.”It’s impossible to believe that your son could get into trouble because somebody forwarded a video to his phone that he has no control over receiving it,” says Fenton.

Students had to write statements if they sent along explicit video or even watched it.”The original people who sent it out, they have no answers to any of this.

Just suspend whomever they want,” Fenton adds.Kings Park Superintendent Timothy Eagen would not confirm how many students have been suspended, only saying that any student involved in any way with the incident is under suspension.The superintendent told Eyewitness News, “This is an open and active police investigation and we have been informed that arrests have been made in conjunction with this incident.

The district will continue to work with police during their investigation.”One parent, who did not want to be identified, says his daughter was suspended for sending the video when she was not at home.”You have to warn the kids if you know there’s danger out there for them, not after the fact…and that’s what they did,” the parent said.On Monday, Suffolk County Police released a statement saying,”An encounter that occurred off school grounds between a male and female, who were known to one another, was recorded using a cell phone by male acquaintance in late October and later distributed electronically.

The two males involved in this incident, who are both 14 years old, were arrested and charged with Disseminating Indecent Material to Minors, a Class D Felony, Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Child, a Class D Felony, and Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree, a misdemeanor.

They are scheduled to appear in Family Court on a later date.

Further dissemination of this video may result in criminal charges.

The investigation is continuing.”

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