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This New York restaurant limits parents dining with kids to a single drink

Only the parent who is driving is subject to the rule, which is explained whenever guests are seated — and anyone who disagrees is asked to leave. [A baby’s bottom, an angry diner, and a defiant restaurant owner: Just the latest in online review clashes] “I could never live with …

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zucchini lasagna recipe

He picked ‘green lasagna’ and I took it upon myself to create a delicious, green lasagna. I’m not a big fan of using zucchini as noodles and would rather have it as a vegetable. However, you could replace the noodles for slices of zucchini- it’s up to you.   PREPARATION 10 …

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Recipe: The Perfect Guacamole

I grew up in Los Angeles and have a slight touch of Mexican blood in my family, and a neighbor from Guadalajara named Lupe taught me about Mexican cooking. It was her guacamole method that my mom picked up and passed to me through culinary osmosis. Throughout the years, friends …

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