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Fresh & Fun Kids’ Room Ideas

  As an interior designer and a mom, I know that kids’ rooms can be fun but challenging spaces to design. You want the design to grow with them as they mature while still showcasing the children’s ever-changing personalities. When embarking on your next redesign project, remember to ask your …

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A Family That Plays Together, Stays Fit Together

  Everyone knows the importance of exercise and instilling the habit into our kidsit can increase life expectancy, lower health risks, help control weight and improve work and school performance. As a parent, it’s important to make exercise feel like play and get the whole family involved. So dig out …

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Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

    How to deal:Theoretically, treating constipation should minimize your gas and bloating, too. Wacky, embarrassing and truly gross pregnancy side effects that your doctor may forget to mention. Sure, some moms-to-be exude a certain pregnant loveliness—until they fart in an elevator or snore like a foghorn in the night. …

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