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Son Learns To Love Himself After Parents Get Divorced

Some marriages must come to an end. It happens. As they say, it’s better to have two separate homes where Mom and Dad are both happy than to have one home where everything is falling apart. While divorce can be the right decision, it can also be the most heartbreaking. For 13-year-old Billy, his mom and dad’s divorce turned his entire life upside down. Their son put on weight, began acting out in school, and most of all, he hated home. He would tell his father that he wasn’t his real dad anymore because he moved away. Billy was angry, confused, and didn’t know what to do with his pain.

His mother, Sherry brought Billy onto The Oprah Winfrey Show. He and other children of divorce got together in a classroom to discuss how they felt. That’s when Billy revealed to the workshop teacher why he was acting out.

“I just really miss my dad and I wish he’d come back,” Billy tearfully confessed. But his father wasn’t coming back home permanently. A year after revealing what was really in his heart, Billy made many changes for the better. He got his grades back up, he understood his parents’divorce better, and felt safe at home again.

Sherry was stunned when one day, Billy laid down next to her in bed and said, “You know what mom? I really like who I am.” There aren’t sweeter words to a mother’s ears.


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