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5 Healthy Foods You Should Avoid

  If you still think standard junk food like soda and potato chips are the major dietary danger, it’s time to take a closer look at what you’re eating. Junk food has gone undercover. Today’s supermarket aisles are lined with high-calorie, low-nutrient treats that pretend to be healthy. The formula …

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Healthy Stir Fry Recipe

  Making dinner with my husband is always a challenge. I’m gluten intolerant- he is not. I’m vegetarian- he DEFINITELY is not. I love vegetables, all vegetables, I pretty much live on vegetables- he…. tolerates them. So when I sit down to plan recipes we both can enjoy, it is …

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Do You Sweat Too Much?

  By Anna Medaris Miller for U.S. News As a fourth-grader, Sophia Wastler was afraid to raise her hand. When she took notes, she folded squares of paper under her palms. When other girls held hands with boys at the roller skating rink, Wastler stayed home. “I definitely didn’t want …

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Breakfast for Champions

  Could getting your child to eat breakfast help him maintain a healthier weight and do better in school? A group led by researchers at the University of Florida reviewed 47 nutrition studies and concluded that yes, children and adolescents who ate breakfast had superior overall diet quality, consumed more …

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A Family That Plays Together, Stays Fit Together

  Everyone knows the importance of exercise and instilling the habit into our kidsit can increase life expectancy, lower health risks, help control weight and improve work and school performance. As a parent, it’s important to make exercise feel like play and get the whole family involved. So dig out …

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