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Must-have free educational apps for your kids

There are many free educational apps you can download to your phone or tablet to help your kids learn and have fun doing it! From preschool to junior high, more than ever kids are using smartphone apps to enhance their learning. Kids 5 and Under Sight Words Learning Games – …

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Why Parents Shouldn’t Feel Guilt About Their Kids’ Screen Time

The advantages of helping kids learn to navigate the digital world, rather than shielding them from it Tune into the conversation about kids and screen time, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that before the invention of the iPhone, parents spent every waking moment engaging their kids in deep conversation, …

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Tweens and Tech: Why my 10 year old wont get a phone

  One of the worst parenting mistakes I ever made was to give my 8-year-old daughter my old iPhone “just because.” She had been asking – begging – for months.  “EVERY other kid has one/I need to be able to contact you in case of emergency/I’ll only use it for …

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Parenting Advice: Understanding Your Teen’s Cyberlife

      Like it or not, this is the world your kids are living in. Unlike my parents, I have always had indoor plumbing. I am guessing when they first started putting toilets in homes that more than one person protested. Like it or not, this is the world …

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