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What My Facebook Fast Taught Me About Work Life Balance


http://www.workingmother.com/content/what-my-facebook-fast-taught-me-about-work-life-balanceI have a confession to make. I spend time on Facebook…a lot of time. I like seeing what’s happening with my friends and their kids, participating in community groups and reading articles on topics that interest me and expand my knowledge. And who doesn’t love an occasional talking dog video? I also have a business page where I regularly post content and interact with my professional network.

The problem is the incessant pull to see what’s new, the quick check that turns into 30 minutes and the energy drain of switching gears and getting back to work or out of the office.

There is some irony in my love/hate relationship with Facebook, as I make my living coaching organizations and individuals about work-life balance.

This past summer, I enjoyed seeing my Friends’ vacation posts and photos from across the globe, and assumed I’d be sharing my own trip to San Francisco via social media. Instead, I decided to take a two-week break from Facebook during our travels so I could fully engage in my time away with my husband and son.

Here’s what I learned about Facebook:

Some would question whether the changes were simply due to a change of venue and vacation mode. I think it was more than that. Upon returning to work, I stayed on Facebook vacation for several days. Despite the hectic pace that always occurs after a vacation, the benefits remained.

Here is how you can apply what I learned to your work-life balance situation:

So, am I back on Facebook post-vacation? Yes, but I’m taking more fasts, not allowing it to interrupt important work and carefully paying attention to the actual time I use with the intention of further decreases in Facebook time and increases in real time.

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